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Posts made in September, 2017

Business managers must navigate a myriad of legal and personnel hurdles, ranging from health insurance regulations to sick leave to various employee relations quandaries. It’s en enormous job for one person, or even several people, to handle efficiently. Missteps can have disastrous consequences, but legal jargon can be confusing and time-consuming to interpret. What if you could outsource that work to a team of experts, who already specialize in these topics? As part of our continued dedication to helping your business succeed, we offer unlimited HR services. Are you taking full advantage of this opportunity? Or would you like to learn more about it? Read on to discover how our HR professionals can help streamline your own services. Consulting. Have a human resources question? You can access expert help right away, either online or over the phone. You can even use our Ticket Tracker feature to learn when your questions will be answered. Free training sessions. Each quarter, you can opt in to a free interactive webinar that will teach you appropriate prevention strategies and legal practices for dealing with sexual harassment cases, as well as racial and ability-based discrimination. Customizable documents. Our team can create and update your employee handbooks, employee descriptions, form letters, and more. Compliance. One-on-one consultations with our HR Pros help to ensure that your business is legally compliant and protected. Live Chat. Not sure what you need? Just live chat with our HR Concierge, to identify the HR tools you need. Then the Concierge will connect you with the appropriate member of our service team. We’re proud of our HR Pros team for a reason: 98 percent of our clients said they would recommend our services to others! To learn more about how the service works, and the numerous different ways we could help you, give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your...

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As summer comes to a close, things are firing on all cylinders in the health insurance world. We’re getting ready to serve you during this year’s enrollment periods. Health insurance enrollment is one of the most important aspects of your financial life, but we know it’s also a bit stressful. This brief guide should help you determine your next steps.   Health Insurance Open Enrollment…   Open Enrollment for all health insurance plans (except for Medicare) begins November 1 and lasts until January 31, 2018. It’s important to note this year’s more brief enrollment period. Make any necessary changes by January 31st. From now until November 1, gather your medical bills and evaluate the past year’s spending. Would it make sense to switch to a lower-deductible, higher-premium plan – or vice versa? Also watch for notices from your health insurance company. They will tell you if, and more importantly how, your current plan is changing. You might even wish to speak to your primary care physician about your coverage limits, so that you can decide whether a new healthcare plan might be a better fit for your needs. Then give us a call so we can help you compare policies. If you’re enrolled in a Covered California plan… Even if you want to keep your current plan, you still need to log into the system and update your household and financial information. You need to do this so that your subsidy, if you receive one, can be calculated correctly.   If you’re on Medicare…   Your Annual Election Period runs from October 15 to December 7. During this time you can drop a plan, add a plan, or switch from one plan into another. Changes take effect on January 1. You can make some changes between January 1 and February 14. If you change your mind about a Medicare Advantage plan, you can drop it and go back to Original Medicare during this time. If you do go back to Original Medicare, you can add a Part D plan during this period. Late enrollment starts January 1 and lasts until March 31. If you forgot to sign up for Medicare during your original eligibility period when you turned 65, you can do that now. Keep in mind that you might be charged a late penalty, and coverage won’t start until July 1. If you decide to keep your current Medicare plan(s), you don’t have to do anything at all. They will automatically renew, although your premiums or coverage might change. Watch your mail for notices from Medicare, detailing these...

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