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Aflac Named One of the Most Trustworthy Providers in the Insurance Industry

Small business owners strive for ethical operations in all areas of their business operations. When choosing to work with larger companies for insurance or other needs, business owners tend to be very selective in their interactions. You want to carry that same level of professionalism and moral standards throughout all of your dealings, and it can be nerve wracking to trust a large company.\r
You might be interested to know that for the ninth year in a row, Aflac has been named to the Ethisphere Institute’s 2015 list of World’s Most Ethical Companies. Each year the Ethisphere Institute compiles this list to recognize superior achievements by large businesses in the areas of integrity, transparency, ethics, and compliance.\r
The Ethisphere mission is to improve corporate behavior in a way which positively impacts the world. As Ethisphere’s Chief Executive Officer Timothy Erblich reminds us, “There’s a lot of rules out there for companies and there’s a lot of things that happen when things go wrong, but there’s not a lot of standards of good behavior… We thought we could positively effect change by creating those standards of good behavior and recognizing those top performers.” That’s great news for small business owners who want to do business with ethically sound larger businesses – not simply rely upon an enforceable remedy when or if things go wrong!\r
You might remember Aflac from their entertaining commercials featuring a duck who quacks their company name. But their individual and group insurance division provides protection to more than 50 million people, making Aflac one of the nation’s most prominent insurance companies. In fact, one in four households is covered by some form of Aflac insurance. During a time that we often see reports of unethical behavior within large business settings, it can be reassuring to see that such a prominent insurance company is consistently recognized for upholding high standards.\r
Aflac Chairman and CEO Dan Amos commented, “As a business that sells a promise to our customers that we will be there for them in their times of need, it is reassuring to our company and our policyholders that the standard-bearers on corporate ethics believe Aflac behaves with integrity and ethics”.\r
If you’re considering group health insurance, or any other type of insurance for your business, give us a call. We specialize in helping small business owners select the right insurance policies from trustworthy providers.

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