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An Often Overlooked but Important Employee Benefit

For many employees, certain benefits are more than simple “perks”. They’re extremely important, perhaps even essential, to maintaining health and job satisfaction. This is especially true of mental health care, which in the past was not always viewed as a crucial benefit by employers. These days, 42 percent of workers say they’re more likely to stay with a job that offers mental health care.

Lack of mental health care is equally impactful, with 44 percent of workers saying a lack of mental health benefits causes them to feel unsupported by their employers. We know that workers who feel unsupported often experience lower motivation and lack of company loyalty.

Aside from benefiting employees, mental health care benefits the employer, too. When common disorders like depression and anxiety strike workers, one of the first symptoms is impairment of concentration and memory. Helping employees to resolve these issues means you protect your productivity and the quality of your product or service.

In the post-pandemic era, mental health services became vastly more important. Social support goes a long way toward alleviating stress, loneliness, depression, and anxiety. But with so many employees moving to remote work, both during the pandemic and afterward, social contact has all but disappeared for many.

And while remote work became popular for numerous, understandable reasons, the lack of contact with coworkers and the outside world in general can be alienating. Hence, the increased importance of mental health benefits in this new era.

Mental health benefits can be varied and tailored to suit an employer’s needs. For example, paid counseling is the obvious way to go, but wellness programs provide more accessible, “real world” assistance. Call our benefits experts to discuss your company’s priorities, and we will help you put together a package of mental health services that fulfill your employees’ needs.

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