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February 28, 2017 By Bob Viñal

4 Ways to Help Your Employees See the Value of Their Benefits


As an employer, you know that happy employees are the foundation of a successful company. There are many factors that can influence job satisfaction, and your benefits plan plays a big role. How much are you spending each year on employee benefits? Do your employees understand the value of their benefits plan?

Often, an employer rolls out the plan or only addresses benefits during open enrollment. Then, there isn’t much discussion about these topics throughout the rest of the year. As a result, employees don’t fully understand their benefits, and they aren’t utilizing all of the options that are offered.

Here are four things that you can do to maintain great communication regarding employee benefits:

  1. Schedule Employee Meetings

    Most new hires hear about the benefits during the onboarding process, but there isn’t much communication after that point. Schedule meetings to update your staff about the benefits and offer suggestions about ways to leverage the options that are offered. You might consider a mid-year meeting as well as a meeting during open enrollment.

  2. Use Other Forms of Communication

    Do you feel like your schedule is already overbooked with meetings? If you don’t want to setup another time to gather the group in the conference room, then you might look at other forms of communication. Emails can be a powerful way to disseminate information to everyone in the company. Another option is to put together a whitepaper that outlines the benefits that are offered. These pages can be printed and distributed with paychecks, in employee mailboxes, or in the breakroom. We live in a digital world, so a printed piece of paper can be an effective way to capture the attention of your workforce in a unique way.

  3. List the Value of Benefits

    Regardless of the communication platform that you choose, make sure that you provide details about the benefits that are offered. Employees don’t often understand the money that is invested to provide a great benefits package. Outline the extras that they are receiving on top of their base salary: insurance premiums, workers compensation, taxes, vacation pay and time off, and more.

  4. Ensure that Your Benefits Plan is Being Used

    We’ve found that the best way to ensure that your benefits plan works is by helping employees understand how to use it. By sharing this information, you can boost employee satisfaction and help them to see the ways their employer is providing for their family.


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