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Consider Dental and Vision Care During Open Enrollment This Year

Posted By on Nov 7, 2017 | 0 comments

As you probably know, Open Enrollment for health insurance plans began on November 1. During this time, you are evaluating this year’s healthcare expenditures, comparing your needs to your plan’s offerings, and making a decision to either stick with your current plan or switch to a new one.

Not to add another chore to your to-do list, but there is one other important detail you should address at this time. While you’re evaluating your needs and budget anyway, why not investigate dental and vision insurance options?

Your eyes and teeth might be small parts of your body, but their functioning greatly impact your overall health. Problems like gum disease or infections within teeth can weaken your overall immune system, and vision problems can lead to safety issues while working and driving. Plus, many chronic diseases are first noticed by a dental or optometrist.

Without dental insurance, a routine exam (including x-rays and cleaning) costs and average of 288 dollars. You could also face average prices for emergency services, such as:

    • 50 to 150 dollars per filling
    • 75 to 300 dollars for non-surgical extractions
    • 328 dollars for crowns
    • 120 dollars for simple root canals (more for complicated cases)
    • Costs can increase significantly depending upon complicating factors

As for vision care, the average cost of an eye exam is 154 dollars… But with insurance, you would only owe a co-pay (average of 15 dollars). Costs of eyeglasses or contact lenses can vary, but you will generally earn a significant discount through your vision insurance plan.

Some general health insurance plans offer dental and vision coverage, but most often you will need to enroll in these plans separately. There might even be a “package” available, that rolls health, dental, and vision insurance into one plan and premium.

To receive a free quote for vision and dental insurance, click here or give us a call. We will be happy to help you evaluate your needs and identify plans that could save you money on dental and vision care.

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