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Diamond CertifiedHealth insurance brokers always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competition, and those that have earned the prestigious Diamond Certified award are already several steps ahead. In addition to its Diamond Certified status, Bay Area Health Insurance Marketing, Inc. separates itself by providing highly personalized service in every aspect of its operations–an approach that resonates with clients but is rarely seen in the insurance industry. “Our clients know we’ll be there to answer questions and help with their insurance issues whenever they need us,” says owner Bob Vinal. “They really appreciate the reliability of our services.”
Bay Area Health Insurance Marketing works with businesses and families throughout the Bay Area to find health care, life and disability insurance policies that fit their particular situations. In addition to providing insurance services, the company is an employee benefits specialist and helps small business owners, company employees and independent contractors with all types of benefit plans. It also provides advice and counsel on topics such as tax and legal regulations, plan designs and underwriting considerations.
Unlike insurance brokers that limit their interactions with clients once their insurance policies are in place, Bay Area Health Insurance Marketing takes a hands-on approach that includes helping with billing and claims discrepancies, resolving employee claims problems, and providing administrative assistance for issues such as insurance plan additions and COBRA compliance. “Often, employees are reluctant to broach claims issues with their employers, so we make sure to deal with these issues directly,” says Mr. Vinal. “It’s just another example of our dedication to customer satisfaction.”
Another distinguishing feature of Bay Area Health Insurance Marketing is the comprehensive approach it takes to each client’s insurance process. After an initial consultation to review current plans, establish objectives and develop a long-term strategy, the company conducts a market search to find the insurance plans that best suit the client’s needs. After that, it works directly with an administrative representative to communicate all the details to the client’s employees. “We also conduct an annual review to keep the client aware of the latest regulatory and tax implications,” adds Mr. Vinal. “If we assess the price and performance of a plan and discover it’s unsatisfactory, we’ll find a new one.”