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How Do I Get Proof of Health Insurance?

Each year when we file our income tax returns, we all must answer some questions about our health insurance. As you know, most taxpayers are required to enroll in a healthcare plan, or risk a penalty at tax time. So when the IRS asks about your coverage for the previous year, you might also be asked for proof of that coverage. That’s why Forms 1095-A, 1095-B, and 1095-C are used.\r
These forms are issued as proof of coverage each year. The Health Insurance Marketplace sends Form 1095-A to individuals and families who enrolled in a healthcare plan through them, while Form 1095-B is issued by individual health insurance companies to their own customers. If you have an employer-provided plan, then you’ll receive Form 1095-C from your company.\r
Which type of form you receive, and who sends it, depends upon how you receive coverage. However, it will always be one of these three forms, unless of course you don’t have health insurance at all.\r
When will I receive my form? The Marketplace must issue Form 1095-A by January 31. The deadline for Forms 1095-B and 1095-C (from individual insurance companies or employers) will be in early March.\r
Can I file my tax return before I receive my form? Those who receive health insurance through the Marketplace should wait for their Form 1095-A to arrive, before proceeding with their tax return. However, if you are expecting Form 1095-B or 1095-C, you can go ahead and file your taxes. Just answer questions about health insurance correctly. When your forms do arrive, file them with a copy of your return. In the event of an audit, you might be asked to provide proof of your health insurance coverage.\r
Can I request a copy of my form? If you don’t receive your form, or if you’ve lost your copy, you can indeed request another one. However, you must call your insurance carrier directly to request a copy from them. Because of privacy rules, we unfortunately cannot obtain these tax forms for you.\r
If we can answer any other questions about your health insurance coverage, please do call us right away.

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