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A Great Solution for Employees with High-Deductible Plans

Posted By on Sep 18, 2018 | 0 comments

Silver and Bronze-tier plans often make excellent choices for group health insurance policies. You’re able to offer your employees important healthcare benefits, while keeping your own costs in line with your budget. Unfortunately, some employees might feel less than thrilled with the high deductibles inherent within these plans. Luckily we have several options to help you deal with that problem.

Aflac actually offers a couple different add-on insurance options, that can help your employees manage situations in which high deductibles can become a problem for them.

Hospital Insurance is designed to address some of the costs associated with a hospital stay, which might not be covered by the employee’s primary health insurance policy. Many different conditions, even seemingly common ones, can result in expensive care within a hospital setting. For example, a first-time asthma attack costs an average of $11,285. It’s easy to imagine the financial burden that would befall an employee in the event one of their children develops asthma, a relatively commonplace condition.

Several different types of Hospital Insurance policies are available, and these plans can be customized with add-ons.

Accident Insurance can accomplish a similar goal, but is designed to cover expenses relating to accidental injuries only. These plans even offer additional benefits for injuries sustained while participating in organized sports, making them a great addition to family healthcare plans.

Just consider the average cost of one common injury: A broken leg can trigger $9,300 in medical bills, only part of which will be covered by the patient’s primary health insurance policy. Yet for approximately the cost of a box of adhesive bandages each week, your employees could enjoy the extra coverage of Accident Insurance.

These add-ons can be paid by the employer, or by the employees themselves. Even if your workers pick up the cost, they will be grateful for the opportunity to elect the additional coverage they need.

Give us a call to learn more about programs such as Aflac’s Hospital and Accident Insurance, and we will explain how these extra types of insurance make a perfect complement to higher-deductible Bronze and Silver-tier healthcare plans.

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