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The Small Group Special Enrollment Period Offers Unique Benefits to Both Employers and Employees

Many companies in the small group market want to offer health insurance coverage to employees, but are unsure of how to make that happen. What about the cost? Will employee participation be high enough? Will we get turned down if enough employees don’t want to participate? The small group special enrollment period is the answer to these questions.\r
What is the small group special enrollment period? Once per year, the small group special enrollment period allows smaller companies to establish a group health insurance plan for employees without the usual minimum participation or contribution rates. During this one-month enrollment period, your company does not need to contribute to premiums. And, you only need one enrolled employee in order to establish a group plan.\r
A tax-friendly strategy. As an added bonus, you can help your employees earn a valuable tax benefit as they pay their premiums. Premiums can be deducted from paychecks on a pre-tax basis, meaning they will reduce income tax liability by that amount each year. The strategy works in a manner similar to 401(k) contributions, adding a valuable benefit for your employees.\r
When is the small group special enrollment period? This opportunity comes around each November 15, and lasts until December 15. During the special enrollment period, the usual participation and contribution requirements are not enforced. Those who enroll by the deadline of December 15 will have coverage that begins on January 1.\r
Certain rules regarding employer contributions can feel a bit tricky to navigate. Contact us before November 15 so that we can answer your questions about the small group special enrollment period, and help you decide how to proceed with this important benefit for your employees.