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Supplemental Insurance Plans Can Bridge the Gap for Employees

Enrolling employees in a high-deductible health insurance plan is a popular choice for many reasons. Low premiums keep overhead down for both you and your workers, and they can enroll in a health savings plan that offers numerous tax and savings benefits. But most healthcare plans include limits on coverage, and sometimes expenses outside those limits can occur.

If employees have shared their concerns about uncovered expenses, meeting high deductibles, and the rising cost of healthcare in general, you might consider adding supplemental insurance plans to your menu of options.

If your employees encounter unexpected medical bills, a supplemental insurance plan is designed to bridge the gap. These insurance plans are voluntary, so they make a great choice for those feeling concerned about their budgets, without adding another monthly premium for everyone on the group plan.

The best thing about supplemental insurance plans is their flexibility. We recognize that the expenses incurred by serious illnesses or accidents often fall outside of just medical bills. When a covered individual experiences a qualifying event under the plan, they can receive a cash payment to use however they see fit.

Supplemental insurance benefits can be used to pay for uncovered medical expenses, but also for things like childcare or housekeeping during the course of a serious medical event. This flexibility provides peace of mind to employees during one of life’s most stressful times.

For you, the employer, offering supplemental insurance will help you maintain a happier, more productive workforce. The promise of financial stability and a full menu of insurance offerings attract high value employees and encourage company loyalty. It’s no wonder supplemental insurance plans have become one of the most popular menu items for many companies with a well-rounded benefits package.

Contact us to learn more about supplemental insurance, and how it can help both you and your employees.

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