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Take Note of These ACA Compliance Deadlines

Now that tax season has arrived, it is time to file your income tax return and notify the IRS of your health insurance status. Requirements for proof of insurance vary according to the size of the company for whom you work.

The proof of coverage will be provided to you in one of two ways:

Form 1095-A if you obtained coverage using Covered California.

Form 1095-B if you did not use the marketplace but obtained health insurance directly from an insurance carrier. Medicare recipients will also receive Form 1095-B.

Watch your mail for these forms and make sure to file them with your 2021 taxes.

Now that you know which forms to file, pay attention to deadlines. Here’s a brief reminder of those dates…

January 31. You should receive either a 1095-A or 1095-B from your insurance company prior to this date. If you do not, we suggest that you contact the carrier.

April 18. This year, the deadline for filing your individual income tax return or to request an extension from the IRS falls on Monday, April 18. You can file a paper return by mail, or file it online. Make sure to accurately answer all questions regarding your health insurance status.

Make sure to keep your proof of health insurance coverage in a secure place, just in case the IRS requests this information in the future. As we’ve already stated, file it along with your tax return.

ACA Compliance can be a tricky issue, and deadlines are critical. Please reach out to us if you need more assistance with the filing requirements.

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