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May 18, 2023 By Bob Viñal

Creating a Great Benefits Package for Your Remote Workers


So far, this decade has ushered in numerous changes to the ways we live and work. One of those is remote work, with 26 percent of the workforce now working away from the office. But location doesn’t impact worker benefits; your employees still need things like health insurance and a retirement plan.

But because managing everything can feel challenging when workers are spread apart geographically, you might need to update your methods. These six tips can help you manage benefits for remote workers.

  1. Offer the right mix of benefits. Obviously, your benefits package must be affordable. But it also needs to be flexible enough that it is accessible and satisfies everyone. Consider a mix of traditional benefits (like health insurance and a retirement plan) and voluntary ones (like financial wellness, student loan assistance, or gym memberships).

  2. Comply with regulations. Some group benefits are mandated by law, such as health insurance. Make sure your benefits comply with both federal and state regulations, in order to avoid penalties on your tax returns.

  3. Created a centralized platform. Your workers can’t exactly stroll into the human resources department when they’re working from home or other locations. You’ll need an online platform to help them access their benefits. Ask us about software that is easy to use, and we’ll provide the details.

  4. Seek insight. Utilize the data within your benefits management software to gain insight into the type of benefits your employees value. This will help you continue to fine-tune your benefits package in the future.

  5. Bundle your benefits. Typically, bundling your benefits will allow you to obtain the lowest costs combined with the most coverage for that price.

  6. Teach your employees how to use their benefits. They will most appreciate the benefits that they know how to access. And they will be less likely to select benefits packages that go unused.

To learn more about putting together a valuable benefits package for your workforce, give us a call. We will help you understand the different options available to you, while ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.

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Bob Viñal has been working in the insurance industry for more than 30 years, handling everything from plan design to claims and rating structures.

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