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April 11, 2023 By Bob Viñal

Can’t Get a Doctor Appointment? Try Virtual Care!


When you’re feeling under the weather, scheduling hassles are the last thing you want. But that’s what often happens, especially during busy cold and flu seasons. If you’re having trouble getting into a doctor’s office at their available times, try your healthcare provider’s virtual care benefit. It’s easier than you probably think! 

The primary benefit of virtual care is that you don’t even have to leave your home or office. That means no sitting around crowded waiting rooms, potentially exposing yourself to more germs. And of course, you won’t expose anyone else, either! And since you don’t have to make the commute, you’ll save a lot of time. 

Providers are loving virtual care because it allows them to see patients more conveniently. If your doctor believes you need more intensive, in-person care, they will definitely direct you to the nearest clinic or emergency room. 

But for minor illnesses, virtual care just makes sense. Your provider can screen you, diagnose common conditions, and send the necessary prescriptions to your pharmacy, often in less than one hour!

First, you will fill out a short questionnaire, similar to the forms you always complete at medical appointments. Then you will speak to your provider over the phone, instant message, or video chat to discuss your symptoms. 

If your provider determines that lab work is necessary, you will be directed to a nearby lab. But in many cases the next step includes a diagnosis and prescription, if necessary. 

Then, all you need to do is follow your provider’s care directions and/or pick up your medication from the pharmacy of your choice. You’ll soon be feeling back to your usual self. 

Virtual care isn’t right for every situation, but it does make healthcare more accessible for many of us. Call your benefits provider to inquire about how to obtain virtual care the next time you feel sick and see how easy and convenient healthcare services can be! 

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